Faces of Our Community | Julia Campbell

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Julia Campbell is an Island Boss lady serving up STYLE and CONFIDENCE to fashionistas all over the Island and beyond through her business, Jems Boutique. She’s honest, authentic and confident with a smile that will light up any room she struts into!

Why do you like best about being a part of the PEI business community? 

The thing I love most about being part of the PEI business community is that people know one another. And when you know someone, it’s far easier to value their hard work and what they bring to the community. I also find great respect within the PEI business community, and a willingness to help one another out. My motto has always been healthy/friendly competition, and it’s easy to find, which is wonderful.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received in your career so far? 

The best advice I have received so far in my career is ‘JFDI’- just f$%king do it. Put yourself out there, and take those risks that only involve your ego. You’re the only one judging.

What was your scariest moment as a business owner?

The scariest moment as a business owner? NOW! And while it’s the scariest (in moments) its also lit a fire in me like never before to take control of what I can, make it work, pivot where I can, and make that work. It’s time to level up, and although it’s petrifying I won’t let that emotion overtake my mindset.

Do you have any inspirational words to share with the PEI community about moving forward into the future in terms of our community, tourism, new ventures, business etc.

Trust what you know and use that if you need to pivot. It’s so easy to feel doubt right now as an entrepreneur. Lean on your inner circle, ask for advice and don’t let go of your vision!

What’s your personal theme song?

Theme song- Grown Woman by Beyonce. Also a pre-event ritual!!