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Photo by: Brady McCloskey Photography


One of the only people who can be seen at more events than our VMG team is Jamie Caseley. Jamie has over 18 years of experience in the Festival and Event Industry. Jamie has been boots to the ground at events across the island – always leaning in where needed to make events go off without a hitch.


Q: Do you have any inspirational words to share with the PEI community about moving forward into the future in terms of annual events, new events,  tourism, our community etc.

A: With the restrictions in place for businesses and the public these are tough times for the event industry. I believe that festivals and events play a key role in sparking the economy and although it might take a slow start, the event world will adapt. Event planners have always been risk takers and been trained for years to make last minute changes or having to conjure up a new idea that will be received successfully.

Q: Why do you like about being a part of events across P.E.I.?

A: The people. I have been lucky to connect with some amazing people over the years as we share in the excitement of executing their event. I really enjoy running into people years later and hearing the great memories that were created. Many of my work relationships have turned into lasting friendships and that is when I know I was able to meet their expectations.

Q: What are some of your least favorite moments during an event? Do you have any “war stories” (good or bad) from events that you’d be willing to share with us?

A: The unpredictable PEI wind has always been my worst enemy! For years we have had battles with wind and rain that stay in your memories. Countless times I remember checking on tents or adding anchors until a storm has passed. I’ll tell a story about a time we had two weddings on the same property along the north shore. The wind and rain came up out of nowhere and I remember running back and forth between the two tents with a sledge hammer driving stakes back into the ground. Everyone carried along at the party as normal unknowing of the situation outside. Over the years, of course we have had damage to products but we have never had any major injuries to the public or employees due to our proactive approach to dealing with weather.

 Q: What are some lessons you learned through your long history in the event world.

A: In the early stages of our business when our inventory was smaller, I remember the feeling of “back to backs” where we would flip products in the early mornings of an event. Although this still happens, we have a larger staff to assist with the timelines. Those days taught me the work ethic you need to be a part of multiple events and we continue to share that with our employees over the years.

I love the challenge that is required in the planning stage of an event and I feel like I am at my best when we are required to think outside the box or ask yourself “can we really pull this off?”. On the spot decision making or finding solutions to a problem comes with a type of satisfaction people in the event industry crave.

Jamie is a true leader in the festival and events community! To learn more about the products and services Caseley’s Tent & Party Rentals offer, visit their website or email Jamie at jamie@caseleys.com. Follow Versatile Management Group on Facebook or Instagram for more good news stories about the leading faces in our community!