Faces of Our Community | Chefs Tyler Gallant & Christine Murnaghan

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Red seal chefs, innovators and ambassadors for Canada’s food island, Tyler Gallant and Christine Murnaghan are a power couple in the island food community.

Tyler is the co-owner of Gallant’s Shellfish and Seafood and Gallants & Co., along with Christine, who is also a product developer at Canada’s Smartest Kitchen.

What is Gallants & Co doing to try to stay nimble and adjust in this time. Do you have any inspirational words to share with the PEI community about moving forward into the future in terms of annual events, new events,  tourism, our community etc.

We have adjusted our staffing and service offering levels and focused on products that work well for take-out or retail in our business model

Concentrating on local food items currently in our portfolio, scaling up convenient comfort food using familiar ingredients for people to take home and enjoy.

Made modifications in our physical operations to adhere to safe physical distancing protocols such as; installation of Plexiglas, more frequent sanitizing routine, removing self- serve utensils, and implementing online ordering, payment, and pick up services.

“We are stronger together, our linear system on PEI such as primary producers, fishers, and farmers to food service, hospitality, and events have a stronger advantage to succeed together”

Why do you like about being a part of events across P.E.I.?

 Meeting, connecting, and working, with the other people in our industry, as well as, seeing and working in some pretty amazing places right here in PEI, weather that’s on a wharf or in the middle of a field, these events tie out culinary industry back to the land and the sea where our food comes from.  

 If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be?

 Astronauts of the Apollo 13 Mission, how did they cope with turning their mission around from landing on the moon to getting home safe and alive? Uniting people to work towards the same goal.

What’s one of your favourite memories from an event that you’ve been involved with?

When the eye of hurricane Dorian struck PEI, we had an outdoor wedding planned at a rural location on PEI. After some discussion with the wedding party, they decided to move last minute to a small church indoors in Charlestown. Our dedicated small team volunteered to work and we kept our fingers crossed that our power would stay on in order to prepare their meal, the wind grew stronger and during the peak of the storm, we were able to serve the bride and groom and their family and friends in a small church basement the meal they wanted for their special day. Casley’s also worked their magic last and turned the room into the beautiful vision they had always wanted. The gratitude from the bride and groom made it all worth it.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received in your career so far?

You have to really love this industry and love to be in it, and as soon as it doesn’t bring pleasure or joy it’s time to move on to something else

 My biggest piece of advice: Don’t ever not make your business model about your local community, they are your biggest resources and will carry you through the good and bad times. The long cold winters and slow shoulder seasons.